The Auld Alliance

A book about the Auld Alliance and the way that France and Scotland culturally inspired each others. Being French and fond of Scotland, this project was close to my heart and I have learnt many things about the alliance.

The emblem I created is a mash up between the Lys flower and the Thistle.

The box contains a publication, postcards, and posters.

I fully created the lettering by hand.

I took all of the photographs for this book. Here is the Bothwell Castle located in Uddingston. The castle was inspired by French castles from the time.

The French Language was used to create auld Scottish words, such as haggis (hachis).

La France a apporté sa pierre à l'édifice (literally meaning: French added their stone to the structure = France made their own contribution).

The Auld Alliance was mainly created to resist the English as they were their common enemy. French and Scottish always have loved each others.