The Grand Budapest Hotel

I have always been a big fan of Wes Anderson, and I thought it would be interesting to replicate some of the props seen in his famous film: The Grand Budapest Hotel. I have remade all of the paper props including the throat slitter.

I have entirely redrawn the design by hand and created a vector out of it.

I have made the throat slitter out of a piece of wood that I sanded down and attached a vintage razor to it. I have broken its teeth and made it look older.

The confidential letter was all created in Illustrator and I recreated the folds and even used real wax to seal it.

The most emblematic prop from this movie would certainly be the Mendl's boxes and "Courtisan au Chocolat". Here is my take on them.

The telegram was really fun to recreate! What's better than tearing up paper and stick it back together?

A few more props such as the "Romantic Poetry" book or the "L'air de Panache" perfume.