Fallout 4

Being a huge fan of Bethesda's video games, I decided to re-created a few items seen in Fallout 4.

The Stimpak has been entirely made out of real objects. It included around 6 more hours of work to custom, design and paint the item.

I did not created these bottles, but I did create all of their labels and caps.

All of these items were 3D printed (except for the keys), and I have created labels and repainted each of these items to match the ones in game.

A lot of research went into finding the right 50's radio for this. The plate was 3D printed and I redesigned the faceplate and repainted the main face.

The radaway is another important item in the game. I redesigned its label entirely and custom made the blood bag and its content.

I recreated every designs for these items, from the boxes to the labels to the leaflet.