Jumanji has been part of my childhood and I always had a particular affection for this film.
It is the reason why I started to collect and create a few props for it.

Here is the complete collection. Please note, the Jumanji board has been created by Markoon and painted by Jordan Samper. I have made all of the other items.

I have recreated the famous Parrish shoes box as seen at the beginning of the film.

I have entirely made Alan Parrish's necklace from found objects and repainted them to create this rusy look. The watch has taken the longest time to find.

I recreated "The Cliffside school for boys" leaflet as seen in the scene where Alan's dad announces to his son that he will be soon sent to a boarding school.

I have used a vintage Nike Air Max shoe for this prop. I repainted the shoe entirely, created extra strips of leather, and applied the "P" and "Parrish" logos on them.