Making sense of a moment

It is a rather difficult subject to visualise. After all these years, I am still processing the death of my father. He died of a motorbicycle accident.
I wanted to create a commemorative garden in his honour and memory.

The garden contains a series of objects related to my grief, the main object being a helmet representing the crash, where it all began.

I always wondered what type of questions my dad would ask me if we were able to communicate for one day.

The pool represents the idea that we always seem fine on the surface, but the deeper we get, the more it disappears, meaning we are not really fine.

Jars containing my feelings. My dad was 51 years, he's been gone for 14 years and he is burried in the square 26 my hometown's cemetery.

The garden also contains a photo album of memories and a phone where we can hear the phone call that my mother received that day, reenacted by drama students.

Typographic publication that explains the evolution of my grief.